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Montanari Comes Clean, Launches “Conservative Ed, Republican Ed” Advertising Campaign

Change comes after months of fake outrage over partisanship and telling voters that he’s not conservative

St Petersburg, FL – Ed Montanari has embraced his right-wing voting record and admits he’s been intentionally misleading voters in the process. After spending months telling voters that he’s a moderate and that partisanship has no place in local elections, Montanari launched a paid communications program telling voters that he’s “Conservative Ed Montanari” and “Republican Ed Montanari.” A screenshot of his advertising program, which also violates Florida election law, is available here.

“Ed is admitting that he’s been misleading voters for months,” City Council candidate Orlando Acosta said. “His voting record clearly shows that Ed is a right-wing conservative. After months of denials and fake outrage about partisanship, he’s admitting, in his own advertising, that we were right.  He even broke the law in the process. St. Petersburg deserves better.”

Acosta has enjoyed the unanimous support of progressive organizations in his bid for City Council. In addition to an endorsement of the Florida Democratic Party, he has been endorsed by the pro-LGBTQ Stonewall Democrats, the Sierra Club, and the National Organization for Women.

Montanari’s right-wing votes back up his campaign’s own contention that he is “conservative” and “Republican.”

-Less than two months after the Parkland shootings, Montanari sided with the NRA and Donald Trump by voting to defeat common sense gun control measures in St. Petersburg.

-Montanari also joined protests opposing equal marriage and supporting gay conversion therapy -- a disturbing and scientifically debunked process that attempts to change a person’s sexual orientation.

-He is frequently the only vote against measures to protect the environment, reduce pollution, and invest in renewable energy.

Candidates in non-partisan elections convey their political views in terms of conservative, moderate or progressive through their voting record or by highlighting the endorsements by political organizations. However, it is illegal to list party affiliation directly in paid advertising. Montanari’s latest advertisements clearly violate Florida Statute 106.143(3) which states: “A political advertisement of a candidate running for nonpartisan office may not state the candidate’s political party affiliation”.


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Orlando Acosta for St. Petersburg City Council, District 3.
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