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Ed Montanari is a No-Show at All Three LWV Forums in St. Petersburg Council Election

Orlando Acosta Calls on Opponent to Show Up and Answer Questions from Voters Tomorrow in Kenwood


St Petersburg, FL – Orlando Acosta is calling on Ed Montanari to engage with voters and answer questions after he refused to attend any of the League of Women Voters Forums held for the St. Petersburg City Council election. Organizers for the event informed the audience that Montanari did not respond to multiple requests to attend.

“Voters deserve to know why Ed Montanari is avoiding them,” said Acosta. “Between his support for the NRA, his anti-environment voting record, and his cozy relationship with big out-of-town developers, Ed has a lot to answer for.”

Special interests worked to clear the field for Montanari in 2015. He was installed without having to answer any questions about his policy stances, his personal beliefs, or his track record. Now, it appears he’s hoping voters will ignore his right-wing record on the St. Petersburg City Council.

Notable issues include his refusal to attend St. Pete Pride and his public support for anti-LGBT causes, votes against green energy investment and efforts to combat climate change, and siding with the NRA to oppose gun control measures less than two months after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida.

“The elephant in the room is that Ed Montanari is a right-wing conservative,” Acosta added. “St. Petersburg deserves a responsive Councilmember who reflects our values. It’s shameful that Ed Montanari can’t be bothered to attend any of the three forums hosted by a group whose mission is to promote civic engagement.”


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